Philippine Premiere - Malacanan Palace, Aug. 7, 2014

“Rescue in the Philippines:Refuge from the Holocaust” reached a significant milestone in extending its worldwide reach with its Philippine Premiere on August 7th, 2014 at Malacanang Palace.  Hosted by President Benigno S. Aquino III, who was in attendance, other dignitaries present were US Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg, as well as Israeli Embassy deputy of mission Adam Levene, and Philippine Secretary of Education Bro. Armin Luistro.

Joining us at the Palace were 3 survivors, all of whom are featured in the film, 19 members of the Frieder family, and 26 descendants of President Quezon, as well as executives from some of the largest companies doing business in the Philippines.

Video footage of comments made by executive director Russell Hodge, co-producers Barbara Sasser and Peggy Ellis, and President Aquino can be seen by clicking the links below.

President Aquino lll

Russ Hodge

Barbara Sasser

Peggy Ellis

The President’s premiere is an important milestone in our journey thus far, however other goals are still to be achieved. Contact us if you would like to support any of the goals listed below. For more information on the goals click here.

Distribution of our Educational Guide to Schools throughout the USA

Broadcast of “Rescue” on International Television

Free online access to over 40 full length interviews rich with history and stories but no time to include in our 1 hour film.

December 2014 Screenings Around the Country

December 2014 Screenings Around the Country

Dec. 3 / Manila, Philippines / 3:00-5:00 pm /Video Chat

Conrado Benitez Hall / Philippine Women’s University

Video chat with Survivor Margo Cassel Pins Kestenbaum who lives in Jerusalem

Sponsored by the Philippine Women’s University and the Embassy of Israel .

Attended by students, faculty, university officials,

Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines Ephriam Ben-Matityahu,

Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Adam Levene, family members of former

Philippine president Manuel L. Quezon, some government officials,

and members of the press.

Dec. 5-6 / Los Angeles, CA / 9am-6pm both days / HiFi California Expo 2015

International Filipino Business Exposition / 1740 W Temple St.

DVD’s for sale at a booth at the Trade Fair For more information about the program at the Expo, go to


“Rescue in The Philippines” is a one-hour documentary of the previously untold story of how the five Frieder brothers, Cincinnati businessmen making two-for-a-nickel cigars in pre-WWII Manila, together with Manuel Quezon, the charismatic first president of the Philippines, Paul McNutt, US High Commissioner and former governor of Indiana (preparing for his own presidential campaign) and an ambitious Army Colonel named Dwight Eisenhower -  helped 1,200 Jews escape the Nazis and immigrate to the Philippines.


What the critics are saying…

It’s likely that none but the most ardent scholars are aware of the role the Philippines played in saving Jewish lives while much of the rest of the world looked the other way. – a chilling observation by one survivor – “How could anyone have known that [the horror of Nazi Germany] would get to be what it did?” she asks. “And you know what? I think it could happen again anywhere.”Village Voice