The Future for “Rescue in the Philippines”

Distribution in schools

Distribution in schools:

Initial funding for a 30 minute film appropriate for the classroom with an educational curriculum developed by The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education in Cincinnati has been received from the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati.

We are seeking additional funds for the development of that project as well as production of the packets and teacher trainings throughout the United States, using local Holocaust Centers as training sites. Our goal is to raise an additional$70,000 to fully fund this program.

International TV Distribution

International TV Distribution:

This is truly an international story with a worldwide message of moral courage and the good that can be achieved by action. The more people see the film, the more impact it will have. Your support could assure its broadcast in other countries. Full funding for this aspect is $100,000.

Domestic Distribution - Live in the top 20 Markets

Domestic Distribution – Live in the top 20 Markets:

Although the film was broadcast on television throughout the USA from April – June of 2013, many people were not aware or missed their opportunity to see it at that time. Live screenings at museums or other venues in large cities creates excitement and draws attention to the film’s message. Often newspaper articles accompany the screenings which also adds visibility. We plan to have live screenings with a panel discussion afterwards in all top 20 markets. Full funding for this program is $75,000

Domestic TV Distribution

Domestic TV Distribution:

We would like “Rescue” to be broadcast for a second season on PBS stations nationwide in 2014. Requests for rebroadcasts come in often from viewers. Funding of $57,500 would make this a reality.

Online Access to complete interviews

Online Access to complete interviews:

There is a wealth of information in the 45 interviews we did to produce this film. We would like to make this valuable research available to the public on our website . Each interview costs $5,000 for adaptation to online viewing. Full funding would require $225,000

Become a “Rescue in the Philippines” Underwriter

Enhanced Underwriter

Two :30 second spots –
One at the beginning and one at the end of each broadcast*
VIP Invitations to all Premiere test screenings with Filmmakers
Mention in press kit, marketing materials and print coverage
Recognition in all national and international educational uses
Use of the documentary DVDs as premium gifts

Research Underwriter
Two :15 second spots –
One at the beginning and one at the end of each broadcast*

All benefits as above

All 45 length interviews available online on “Rescue in the Philippines” website.
This will provide extensive historical educational information to the general public.

*Most stations will air the program two or more times over the one year they have rights to the program. Hence, underwriters’ messages are re-broadcast many times. 

International TV Underwriter

Broadcast rights for each country
Philippines $35,000
Israel $25,000
Germany $15,000
Poland $10,000

Education Underwriter

Educational Workshops for Use in Schools
35 workshops throughout the country @ $2,000 each

Domestic TV Underwriter

Promotion and Distribution for a season on PBS

Live Screening Underwriter

Provide for a documentary team member to be present at each screening in the top 20 markets in the USA:
Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle,
Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Cleveland, Orlando, Sacramento

Cincinnati Friends of the Rescue – $2,500
Philippine Friends of the Rescue – $2,500