Dr. Ricardo Jose

“A lot of work is done through games like poker. Also, golf. A lot of discussion is done in the golf courses without people finding out about it. So a lot of what becomes official is developed in unofficial atmospheres.” “I would also emphasize the importance of relationships, especially blood relationships…when General MacArthur was in...Read More

Zeneida “Nini” Quezon Avancena

“Yes. He was a man who had a great deal of respect for human life, and he felt that what was happening there was a great injustice, and he couldn‟t understand why more countries would not open their doors to the Jews.” “He had the moral courage to do it.” “He believed enough in the...Read More

Manuel Quezon III

“I was about eight or nine years old …Uncle Harry looked at my dad and said, “You know, if it hadn’t been for your father, I would be a bar of soap.‟ And I was there pretending not to care. And chills went down my – you know, at this age I didn’t know what...Read More