Dr. Ricardo Jose

“A lot of work is done through games like poker. Also, golf. A lot of discussion is done in the golf courses without people finding out about it. So a lot of what becomes official is developed in unofficial atmospheres.”

“I would also emphasize the importance of relationships, especially blood relationships…when General MacArthur was in the Philippines at that time when his son was born, Quezon and MacArthur got together and became godparents. So that tie – that gives a ceremonial tie to the family.”

“Quezon’s action by bringing in all these thousands of Jewish refugees would have rocked the boat. And so that decision was not very popular with the (U.S.) State Department.”

“My first visit to the holocaust museum in Washington D.C., I remember I was very disappointed personally when I looked at the list of countries that helped the Jews and the Philippines wasn’t there. ”

“Very few Filipinos know that (President) Quezon was in his own way kind of Schindler. And it has come out and I think people have been proud of that.”