Jane Frieder Ellis

“Well, Morris could have sold ice to the Eskimos. I mean he was one of those people. He did a lot of traveling to different cities, and he had friends wherever he went… He was just a very outgoing, pleasant, nice person, and a wonderful father.”

“McNutt bucked the State Department. The state department wasn‟t very nice in those days. I mean this never could have been without McNutt, and I think he gambled his whole political career on doing this. A great deal of credit needs to go to him, as to Quezon in the Philippines. I mean after nobody would take these people in, the Philippines did.”

“I don‟t think any of the refugees really wanted to come to the Philippines. They wanted to go to Israel, or they wanted to come to the United States where they couldn‟t go.”

“They didn‟t think they did anything remarkable. They really didn‟t. I mean we don‟t know that much about it because they never talked about it.”