Olga Zervoulakos Owens

“I knew my dad as a private investigator, and he had a lot of friends from the well-to-do families that would hire a private investigator.”

“My father was very adamant about everything being perfect for the poker room setup… I got a chance to go in there a couple a times just because the cook would bring food in, and I‟d pretend to be the little napkin girl.”

“They finally formed the group, the people that were really, really interested in helping to bring those people in, and then they decided, „How are we gonna do this? Because we can‟t have an influx of refugees and stuff like that, and they decided they needed nurses, doctors, lawyers or whatever, cigar makers [laughs].‟”

“In the Philippines, the religions got along very well …and, actually, if you look at it, this whole rescue thing, it was Jews and Catholics and McNutt was a Protestant.”

“We always thought, “Nothing‟s gonna happen to the Philippines. We‟ve got the USA. We‟ve got the American Army… So let us not worry. Everything‟s going to be okay.” And then that day that they bombed Pearl Harbor, that very same day, they bombed Manila.”

“And then, of course, we never thought that the Japanese ever, ever occupy Manila.”