Zeneida “Nini” Quezon Avancena

“Yes. He was a man who had a great deal of respect for human life, and he felt that what was happening there was a great injustice, and he couldn‟t understand why more countries would not open their doors to the Jews.”

“He had the moral courage to do it.”

“He believed enough in the cause of providing the fleeing Jews a place where they could resume their normal lives…he was willing to stand up for that for which he believed regardless of whatever the costs would be.”

“Yes, he (President Manuel Quezon) played poker, and I remember once I was on the presidential yacht, the Casiana, and they were playing poker. And I was standing behind him, and I was watching. And when I saw that he drew a card that would be probably the winning hand, I went [gasp]!”

“And so afterwards he told me, „Until you can learn to put on a poker face, you cannot watch a poker game.‟”

“And I did learn how to put on a poker face, and it was something that stood me in very good stead. Because very many times I‟d be sitting on a stage for some public function and somebody would be expressing opinions that I disagreed with 100 percent, but I just kept a straight face.”