Rescue In The Philippines: Refuge From The Holocaust; Acquired By CNN Philippines

Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust
Acquired by CNN Philippines

3 Roads Communications and Frieder films are proud to announce that their film, Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust , has been acquired for broadcast by CNN in the Philippines. The agreement provides for four broadcasts of the Academy Award-qualifying documentary within the next year on CNN in the Philippines. The first broadcast will take place on the evening of Saturday, April 11.

Rescue in the Philippines details the heroic and prescient actions of an unlikely band of friends in rescuing more than 1,300 Jews from pre-World War II Nazi Germany. The distinguished group of rescuers included Manuel Quezon, the first elected President of the Philippines; then-Col Dwight Eisenhower, an aide to Gen Douglas MacArthur; Paul McNutt, the U.S. High Commissioner for the Philippines; and the five Frieder Brothers of Cincinnati, who owned cigar factories in the Philippines. Working together, often over cigars and poker, they devised a plan to exploit the Philippines quasi-independent status to secure the rescue of the Jews.
“We are delighted to bring this little-known story to the people of the Philippines,” said Dr. Barbara Sasser of Frieder Films, granddaughter of one of the film’s protagonists, and a Co-Producer of the film.

“We are hopeful that this film will help Filipinos learn of the extraordinary courage and humanity of their first elected President, Manuel Quezon,” said Peggy Ellis, Sasser’s cousin and a Co-Producer of the film.

“The film resonates with the theme of moral courage,” said Cynthia Scott, Co-Executive Producer of Rescue in the Philippines. “These men risked everything to save people they didn’t even know. We hope it serves as an example of how humanity can be elevated by people willing to stand up and be counted, despite the risks.”

Rescue in the Philippines has been broadcast more than 2000 times on public television stations throughout the United States. It has been screened at the United Nations; by President Aquino at Malacanan Palace in Manila; and at the United States Congress. In 2013, it qualified for an Academy Award.

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